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Hi, kids! Did you enjoy your book this week? Caspian and company discover two more lords. Who are they? Monday, I mentioned that one character experiences a turning point. Did you peg Eustace? Mr. Lewis hints that Eustace is already beginning to change when his hike into the woods takes longer than expected, but Eustace doesn’t quit. Once Eustace becomes a dragon, we see an even greater change as he goes from bratty and whiny to eagerly helping the others. He learns that relationships are the true treasure in life rather than the dragon’s hoard he had found. Reepicheep stays by his side and encourages him in spite of the fact that Eustace swung him around by the tail in chapter two. After Eustace meets Aslan, it is to Edmund that Eustace first speaks. Why do you think Mr. Lewis chose Edmund and not Lucy for this scene? Deathwater Island and Eustace’s time as a dragon contrast false treasure with true. Who in your life is your treasure?

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