“Time Out” Article for Apr/May/June 2017 issue of Keys for Kids


“H2O-CO” Winner of Write2Ignite Fall Writing Contest

“How to Discover God’s Plan (and Help Others Discover It Too)” Sept. 2016 Just Between Us

“The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday” Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Spirit of America ( Released June 2016)


“If the Shoe Fits” November 2015 SHINEbrightly

“The Night Watchmen” Vol. 9/Issue 3 The Kids’ Ark

“Spiritual Birthdays” Vol. 9/Issue 2 The Kids’ Ark

“Back at School at Fifty” Summer 2015 Ruby for Women

“God and the Gatorade” Run for God Devotions Vol. 2


“Jars of Clay” Honorable Mention Christmas Story Contest JournEzine

“Christmas Quiz” December 2014 Pockets

“Sowing Seeds of Writing” Aug./Sept. 2014 Inspire Christian Writers

“Hope Rising” Vol. 8/ Issue 3 The Kids’ Ark


“From A, B, Cs to V-E-I: A Love Story” February 2011 JournEzine


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